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Tanya Johnson

Tanya Johnson

I have been living in Edmonton now for 20 years.  I moved into my house in 2001.  When I moved into my house, which is not far from Sugarworld, there were only about 3 streets with cane farms all around.

I came to buy in Edmonton as there were a few subdivisions around the area and as a single young lady, it was where I could afford to buy.  While I loved the area, I grew up on the north side of Cairns so was looking to buy north of the city.

At this time, little did I know how much I would come to love living in Edmonton.

I now have 2 children who are 13 and 16 years of age.  My children attended Isabella State School for Primary and are now in High School at Bentley Park College.  These School’s both offer an exceptional education.

The Walker Road Sporting Facility is also Fantastic. With fields

for Baseball, Softball, Cricket and Football.  They are the best sporting fields Cairns!!  My son is involved with Southside Comets FC.  We are very lucky to have such a wonderful Club that is now one of the biggest in Cairns.

Great people, atmosphere and Coaches who are teaching our young Southside Football players the skills to play and most importantly, how to show good sportsmanship.

We also have a wonderful PCYC where there is a Gym, Futsal and Basketball Courts.

My family have a history of Cane Farming in Edmonton and my Auntie lived by the Mill (where Sugarworld is now).  Her brother planted many of the Mango Trees.

We even have a street and park named after our family.

There are many different people of different nationalities in Edmonton which make it a vibrant and friendly community.

All in all, I would say that the Community of Edmonton is a great one to live in and I am proud that my family can call it home.