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Cairns South Together is a collaborative focused on improving the lives of Cairns South young people and their families, through a place-based collective impact approach.

Our Vision

“Happy and healthy young people contributing to a brighter future in Cairns South”

Our Mission

By 2030 we will make an incremental localised impact to improve the life of children and their families in Cairns South through:

  • Taking a collective approach to strengthening communities and tackling complex systems
  • Using evidence-based decision-making to help families overcome intergenerational disadvantage, with a focus on the first 1000 days of life
  • Seeking out and listening to the voices of vulnerable and including them in our decision-making
  • Connecting with our community, celebrating its diversity and success

Our Governance Group

Chair:  Hon Curtis Pitt MP

Deputy Chair:  Councillor Cathy Zeiger

Committee Members:

Hon Stanley Jones          Mr Brett Schafferius          Ms Linda Bailey           

Mr Peter Piccone            Mr Bruce Houghton            Mr Jamie Finger  

Ms Cassy Bishop            Ms Allison Halliday             Mr Tony Martens         

Mr Keiren O’Brien          Mr Aquila Luki                     Ms Anne Holden

Mr Adam Sarota             Mr Jason Salecich    

Backbone Organisation – Mission Australia

At a national level, Mission Australia announced in September 2020 that Cairns South is the first Mission Australia Communities of Focus site in Australia. This means Mission Australia, as the backbone of the Cairns South Together, will collaborate to provide resources to progress and support the activities of the collective. Communities for Children will also share their 16 years of experience already carried out in the Cairns South area.

Support provided:

  • Secretariat
  • Guidance
  • Facilitation
  • Advocacy
  • Engagement


Contact information

People living and working in Cairns South who are interested in making change as part of the Cairns South Together are invited to join the collective focused on working together.  Cairns South is a great place to live and raise children.  Lets make it greater.


For more information contact the team.

Phone: 07 4037 2874


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